How To Help?

How to help under-privileged children get their rights to education? How can you help these children? Grappling with these questions? Here are some ways that you can come to know how to help these children:

How to help

children from poverty-stricken families to get education?

The way forward on how to help these children is to donate to our organisation! Bright Scholar Foundation has been answering the call of several responsible citizens who seek ways of how to help under-privileged children. We gather your support and donations and devote it all towards educating children who are unable to receive a quality education. Another way forward on how to help these children is to adopt some students for their education. As part of your CSR activities, you can adopt some of the students in our schools in terms of providing their education. This way you can become the sponsor of educating some students. This can be your answer to how to help the children get right to education.

How to help

Bright Scholar Foundation in promoting education for children?

By contributing to the foundation you can figure out a method of how to help our foundation in reaching wider areas. By becoming a part of our organisation, you can help in reaching corners of the regions where children from low financial backgrounds are still devoid of education.

How to help

promote girl education in Rajasthan?

Education is a basic necessity in this highly competitive world. It has become more significant as education is playing crucial role in nurturing the children as they grow up. Rajasthan has been recognised as one of the states where low enrollment of girl child is seen at all levels of education. Even the biases of gender is common in Rajasthan. Segregating rights of boys and girls will not lead the society become a better place. Depriving girls of their education will do no good. Keeping this in perspective, it is important that we as citizens recognise the value of education and the existence of girls in society for which promotion of child education is done by our Foundation.