The Best way to charity

is to define

the best place to donate

Fighting and donating for Girl education is the best place to donate, as Education to girls make them develop strong personality through which they can build dynamic families, Societies and thereby National economy. This is the reason it the best way to charity towards Girl empowerment. An equal opportunity towards education and knowledge is the best way to charity and it proves to be the place to donate and contribute towards National growth. This NGO is proven to be the best place to donate as it provides all the required access to greater education and comprehensive future opportunities. Therefore, the best place to donate is fighting for girl education. The reason why this is the best place to donate is because through this long term investment in the next generation, one can break legacy poverty cycles and the attached demerits of the same. Girl education proves to be the best way to charity as it enables the girl to develop Critical thinking, their self-confidence and an optimistic approach towards their image in the society. This NGO is working towards removal of the major barriers on the society. It is the best way to charity because it helps to lower the chances of violence towards a girl, making a gender equal environment, curbing down the child marriages, providing safety towards the girls, and removal of individual and family's poverty. The best place to donate will be our projects handling the retainment of girls at school. The major projects aim at developing an environment which is sensitive towards Gender-equality. The best way to charity will be providing safe environment to the girls at the schools in which they are studying. The environment should be free from Abusive and Violent Persons. The best to donate, after analysis is towards giving girls independence and a source of permanent income sources, through providing short term loans and designing training programmes to train them. The best was to charity towards Girl education can also cover scholarships.