Right to Education

for All

Bright Scholar Foundation has been consistently dedicated in providing each and every child with the basic Right to Education.

Help us enable

Right to Education

for all Children

In 2002, the Indian Government mandated and amended the constitution to make the Right to Education, in a free and compulsory manner, for all students aged six to fourteen years. Written down in the Article 21-A, Right to Education makes it necessary for all children to have basic education and learning environment. But the harsh reality remains that many children that belong to under privileged backgrounds are not lucky enough to be able to get this level of education and schooling.

As such, organisations such as the Bright Scholar Foundation constantly make efforts in ensuring that such children can become students in schooling environments. The foundation works closely with under privileged families to provide children of these households with basic Right to Education. With your contributions, donations and the efforts of our dedicated team of volunteers, we make sure that children who do not naturally have monetary supplies of getting an education, are helped by us to have a chance of changing their future. With ensuring the Right to Education of all children, the foundation helps in bettering the future of the nation, the region and individual families. AND YOUR CONTRIBUTION CAN MAKE US HELP BETTER AND REACH FARTHER!